Sole pensions trustee services

Pi Pension Trustees are one of the main providers of independent pension trustee services in the UK with significant experience in sole trusteeship with over two-thirds of our trustee appointments based on this structure. Appointing a sole corporate trustee is becoming an increasingly popular choice to help deliver scheme efficiencies, support succession planning and add specialist technical knowledge to areas such as liability management and scheme buy-out planning.

We believe it is essential for sole trustees to have a robust governance framework within the trustee organisation. This includes a rigorous peer review system and all our sole trustee appointments are subject to independent scrutiny by our Governance and Compliance Committee. This provides additional security for both the employer and scheme members. Our trustee appointment processes and procedures are also independently audited on an ongoing basis, ensuring compliance with the Assurance Reporting Framework (AAF02/07).

Why appoint a sole corporate trustee?

Appointing a sole trustee can resolve several challenges of managing mature pension schemes and enable a pension scheme to be run cost-effectively with robust governance processes to help deliver the member benefits.

Sole pension trustee benefits include:

  • Board succession planning – a planned move enables the transfer of historic scheme knowledge from the existing trustee board. This ultimately enables existing scheme trustees to retire secure in the knowledge that member interests are protected.
  • Access to technical up-to-date knowledge – the complexity of legislation and investment portfolios means that maintaining ongoing knowledge is a time consuming and demanding duty for trustees. Professional sole trustees remain up-to-date with all the changing legislation and investment developments, thus ensuring the pension scheme not only meets all the regulatory requirements but can also benefit from the latest developments.
  • Streamlined governance – moving to sole trusteeship helps streamline the governance framework and leads to shorter, more focused decision-making processes, which aids the delivery of the scheme objectives and significantly improves budget management.
  • Total scheme management service – as part of our sole trustee service, we can incorporate full secretariat services to provide a comprehensive scheme management solution. The scheme secretary service combines strong organisational skills with technical pensions knowledge, to help manage advisers to deliver scheme objectives in a cost effective manner.

Why Choose Pi Trustees Sole Trustee Services

At Pi Pension Trustees we combine the range of skills and experience of our professional sole trustees and the wider consultancy team to deliver a proactive and strategic service to meet the needs of our clients highly effectively way.

Our sole pension trustee service focuses on the following aspects:

  • An open and dynamic approach with the Scheme Sponsor.
  • Establishing clear strategic objectives for the Pension Scheme.
  • Working with the outgoing Chair and trustee board where possible to manage efficient knowledge and deliver a smooth transition.
  • Establishing good working relationships with the Scheme Advisers and using our extensive market knowledge and established sole trustee processes to ensure services are optimised and costs controlled.
  • Delivering a proactive and comprehensive service that maximises our experience as sole trustees to work with the Scheme Sponsor to deliver the Scheme objectives within desired timescales.

Our pension trustee services and fees are tailored to meet the specific needs of your pension scheme and we are happy to agree fixed fees where possible. Our team is ready and waiting to discuss our sole trustee solution.

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