Charity and non-pension trusteeship

Charity and non-pension trusteeship 

Whilst the majority of our appointments we supply are as pension trustees, there has been an increase in demand for professional trustees within the wider non-pension arena. The skills of a trustee encompass more than simply technical knowledge and are highly transferable into several sectors. Meaning we can provide trusteeships to a range of other organisations.

Benefits of a professional trustee 

  • Chair of a charity trustee board – strategic leadership to help the board focus on wider scheme objectives effectively;
  • Strengthening of governance practices – we can help set up and manage a robust governance structure to provide professional support to other trustees;
  • Health trusts – we can be engaged as the trustee to a health trust to deliver strong governance and ensure robust claim management processes are monitored carefully;
  • Committee membership – we can be co-opted on to various committees to help deliver efficient governance, deal with specialist areas and add an independent overview when seen as a benefit to the organisation.

Professional trustees can add an independent and robust governance overview to a wide range of trust bodies. A selection of our trustees also actively engage in a personal capacity within the charitable sector.

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