Chair of Trustee

The role of Chair is recognised as being pivotal to the successful operation of a Trustee Board. As well as being able to manage the scheme efficiently and deal with the various governance and legislative challenges there is also a need to bring out the best in the Board and make maximum use of the available skills.

As Chair of Trustees we look to deliver:

  • Strategic leadership – to help the board focus on the wider scheme objectives
  • Sponsor liaison– setting a collaborative framework with the scheme sponsor helps the Scheme to run efficiently and protect member’s interest
  • Trustee board management – getting the best from the trustee board and making sure of all the available skills benefits the decision making structure
  • Making informed decisions – keeping the Board focused on the strategic elements helps with well informed and timely decision making
  • Managing the wider team– making use of specialist advisers to supplement the available skill set but also challenge advisers where necessary is all part of our leadership style.

Our independent trustees combine people management, technical knowledge and a pragmatic collaborative manner to enable them to deliver real value as Chair of a trustee board.