About Pi Pensions Trustee Services

Pi Pension Trustees was established in 2001 and is based in Wimbledon Village, London, SW19. We provide professional, independent trustees to UK based pension schemes. We work with ongoing defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, schemes in the process of wind-up and schemes in PPF assessment. We often provide specialist support to trustee boards on an interim basis, as particularly challenging issues arise, when our specialist knowledge can support the other trustees.

As well as acting as Chair, or as independent board members, we can also act on a sole trustee basis where our Trust Corporation status can provide the following advantages:

  • Many trust deeds require a minimum of two (or more) trustees, unless the Trustee is a Trust Corporation; and
  • We can deal with property transactions without the need for other trustees.

In 2016 the Pi Partnership Group acquired a portfolio of business from the independent trustee company Temple Trustees Ltd in the South West and in December 2018 we acquired Midlands based Fairfield Pension Trustees. These acquisitions complement our existing Pi Pension Trustees clients, increases our geographical coverage and demonstrates our continuing commitment to the independent trustee market.

Pi Pension Trustees’ operations are controlled by a governance process structured within a quality control framework, to help deliver consistency and maintain the highest standards of professionalism in all our trustee appointments. At Pi Pension Trustees, we believe that a strong governance and control framework is essential to delivering the highest quality service. We deliver excellence in pension technical knowledge and a practical application of such knowledge. Our previous work with the Pensions Regulator has showed our ability to deal with a range of complex and unusual situations. This pragmatic application of knowledge can be used to support incumbent trustees through myriad scenarios, giving them and their members confidence.

Our culture seeks to celebrate positive results for our clients and to learn from experience. Our independent trustees are comprised of business people, accountants, actuaries and lawyers. That way we can help supply the independent trustee support your scheme requires. All of our trustees are supported by our training programme and subject to peer review.

Our processes are subject to independent audit as part of our AAF02/07 requirements.

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