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Independent trustee services

Pi Pension Trustees is part of the Pi Partnership Group, an independent pension consultancy who provide specialist support to employers and trustee boards. Our independent, professional trustees can offer specialist advice and knowledge to help trustee boards make informed decisions and deliver robust governance. We are members of the Association of Professional Pension Trustees (APPT) and are fully supportive of the new accreditation policy being promoted by the Pension Regulator and professional bodies.

Our independent pension trustees will work closely with trustee boards, the employer and advisers  to agree and deliver a clear and effective strategic business plan to meet the pension scheme objectives.  The pension trustee services we provide are comprehensive and delivered by experts, designed too be cost-effective and to deliver robust governance.. Pi Pension Trustees builds strong and reliable relationships, in order to encourage collaborative and fruitful relationships between the business and the independent trustee company.

Whether you are looking to appoint independent pension trustees as part of your trustee board or as a sole trustee, we will assign an experienced specialist to meet all of your pension scheme  requirements. 

Accredited Independent Pension Trustee Services

The Pension Regulator rightly expects higher standards from professional trustees. The definition is designed to apply to individuals, whether or not incorporated, who act as trustees in a business capacity, usually for one or more unrelated schemes. The term independent trustee can also apply to trustees who are not professional trustees, for example, it is possible for a lay trustee to be an independent trustee. 

The Pension Regulator is clear that they expect professional trustees to gain accreditation to show that they meet the required standards; we have been working closely as part of the APPT to develop this accreditation process.

Our team can advise you how a professional trustee can help meet your pension scheme needs. Contact us on 020 8879 6500 or

Pi Pension Trustees’ Professional Trustee Services

Discover how Pi Pension Trustees can take the stress out of your organisation’s pension trusteeship needs. We combine the range of skills of our trustees and wider consultancy team to meet our client’s needs in a highly effective way through an open collaborative approach, shared strategic objectives and by establishing effective working relationships with employers, regulators and advisers.

Chair of trustee

The role of Chair of Trustee is pivotal to the operational success of a trustee board and has been clearly identified as being central to delivering good governance. Our pension trustees act as Chair to a number of pension schemes where we provide leadership.

Sole trustee

A sole trustee bears exactly the same fiduciary duties as a trustee board and can enable a pension scheme to be run more efficiently whilst maintaining robust governance processes. Discover the benefits of having a professional sole trustee, including managing board succession to enable existing trustees to retire; ensuring your pension scheme is regulation-compliant and benefiting from cost efficiencies and specialist technical knowledge as well as many additional benefits.

Interim Pension Trustee Services

For schemes which do not require the ongoing support of an independent trustee company, you can use our experienced professional pension trustees to help support your trustee board through complex situations such as company restructure, valuations or detailed regulatory discussions. Find out more about interim trustee appointments at Pi Partnership.  

Charity and non-pension trusteeship

With an increase in demand for professional trustees within the wider non-pension arena, we can provide trusteeships to a range of organisations where the benefits of strategic leadership, strengthening governance and other elements are of increasing importance.

Why Appoint an Independent Trustee?

Pension scheme governance is becoming increasingly complex and it is therefore not a surprise that more and more pension schemes and companies require support with management, trustee efficiency and technical knowledge. A professional independent pension trustee can support trustee boards through bringing expertise and experience, engaging the scheme’s advisers effectively to manage budgets and assisting informed decision making and negotiations.

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