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21 February 2019 – Evaluating your investment consultant and picking a Fiduciary Manager

We know now that tendering for first time fiduciary appointments will be mandatory, where the appointment is for more than 20% of a scheme’s assets. Pension trustees will also need to set objectives for their investment consultants that enables them to assess the quality of advice received. Whilst many trustees will say they set “objectives”, this raises the question as to how measurable these are in terms of assessing quality.

Roger Cooper, our Head of Trusteeship, has been actively engaged in looking at how realistic it is to be able to measure the value added by your investment consultant. He will be sharing his thoughts on asking them to demonstrate their worth!

On the other hand, fiduciary managers performance measurement can be relatively straight-forward. Performance is generally measured against a client’s bespoke benchmark, with the impacts of asset allocation, hedging and stock selection, typically highlighted.

However, when trustees are seeking to select a fiduciary manager, each one may provide performance information using a different approach which can be of limited value in the selection process.

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