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09 May 2019 – When you need something to talk about at parties

Telling people you work in pensions used to be the quickest way to clear a room. Now people can’t wait to tell you what they think – not always an improvement!

Our May seminar brings together our thoughts on the challenges facing us as trustees, distils what advisers and regulators are telling us and ensures we always have something to chat about with taxi drivers.

These are some of the topics that have driven our thinking as a firm and as individuals:

  • Pension trustee standards – Roger Cooper, our Head of trusteeship, will share putting this into practice. It will be a challenge and an opportunity for professional trustee firms, but it will also reduce choice for employers
  • GMP equalisation – Susan Smith, Head of Consulting at Pi, will share our thoughts on the various opinions being presented by advisers and how to interpret them.
  • ESG – Lucy Tindal, a Senior Consultant at Pi, will examine how sustainable is ESG and how different might the perspective be for DB versus DC.
  • GDPR – one year on from its introduction, Amanda Burden as the Director with responsibility for GDPR will share how it has changed our thinking as an organisation and the lessons we have learned

….and we may even manage not to mention the “B” word?

Even within one firm there are differing points of view, so please join us for a debate on the challenges faced by individuals and firms.

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