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Pi Consulting launch new “Master Trust Due Diligence and Selection Service.”

Head of Consulting , Susan Smith says this new service is aimed at both employers and existing scheme trustees.

“Given the growth in the master trust market and the inherent conflicts arising from many of the founders being asset managers, benefits consultancies or insurers, we believe it is important that both employers and trustees have access to truly independent, knowledgeable advice.

At Pi we have a well established procurement process, which coupled with our specialist knowledge of the master trust market means we can provide an independent due diligence report to support an employer’s preferred solution, provide trustees with an independent review where they may be considering supporting an existing asset transfer or undertake a full selection service.”

Pi Consulting aspires to be the leading independent authority on master trusts in the UK. We believe master trusts can make a valuable contribution to the UK retirement savings market. However, it is also important an employer has confidence that their choice is sustainable and meets its workforce needs for the long term and that, where trustees have a role to play, they are confident that they can demonstrate that appropriate due diligence steps have been followed. Pi aims to provide an independent voice that cuts through vested interests and helps employer and trustees understand the pros and cons of the choices on offer.

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