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Join our Webinar at 2.00pm on Monday February 5th

Should transfer values be offered at retirement as a matter of course?

Transfer values from final salary schemes are in the news for all sorts of reasons. Many employers and trustees are considering offering transfer values at retirement as a matter of course, either as a liability management tool or in order to provide members with the full range of options. What are the issues that employers and trustees should consider if they are planning to do this?

Please join us to hear Roger Cooper as Head of Trusteeship at Pi Pension Trustees in discussion with David St. Cyr of First Actuarial whether pension scheme members should be offered transfer values at retirement and what issues should be taken into account.

The discussion will be chaired by James Smith, one of the Founders of First Actuarial.

To book your place on the webinar please visit: https://bookings.firstactuarial.co.uk/

The webinar will commence at 2 pm. It will last around 20 to 30 minutes and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

We hope that you can join us. If you have any questions about the webinar then just let us know.

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